Roof Coatings- Benefits

Once the roof cleaning process is complete the application of Smartseal roof coatings is recommended.

The roof coatings are currently available in slate grey, terracotta, mahogany and deep red. Application of a roof coating will aesthetically transform the roof, leave it water resistent and protected from the harmful effects of UV light.

Once Smartseal roof coatings have been applied, the roof tiles will look like new and benefit from many years of protection against the elements. Other benefits of roof coatings or roof sealers include excellent resistance to future damaging moss and algae growth.

Smartseal roof coatings are also water vapour permeable. This allows the roof to 'breathe',importantly enabling the roof tiles to expel moisture from the inside out.

Once applied the roof coatings can be expected to last for a number of years.Smartseal roof coatings are made with the highest quality pigments available, the benefits of this include greater resistance to colour deterioration from UV light and excellent adhesion between roof coating and tile.

All roof coatings applied by NortWestRoofClean allow the tiles to 'flex' and do not restrict movement within the roof tile. Technically is highly important because as exposure to hot and cold temperatures can cause roof tiles to expand and contract uunder different weather conditions.

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Roof Coatings- Benefits image
Roof Coatings- Benefits image
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