Roof Coatings- Application

Roof Coatings Application

We would always ensure that the roof tiles are clean and dry with dry conditions forecast for at least a few hours prior to application of roof sealer or roof coating product.

To create a uniform finish and good long term protection we would apply two coats of roof coating with a airless sprayer unit designed for use with paints, solvents and resins.

The use of a professional sprayer unit will be very time efficient and enable better coverage of the roof sealer or roof coating. 

The first application would be applied to the surface and allowed to dry prior to applying the second coat. Dependent on weather conditions we would allow approx two hours between coats. 

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Our roof coating and roof sealing services are available for all the following areas Southport, Liverpool, Skelmersdale, Preston, Ormskirk, St Helens, Aintree, Birkenhead, Bootle, Knowsley, Haydock, Litherland, Kirkby, Huyton, Widnes and The Wirral,Merseyside.




Roof Coatings- Application image
Roof Coatings- Application image
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